Sweet Little Angel Princess Nadiah Farhanah

Nadiah Farhanah , daughter of Nor Shazwan Mohamed and Alfian Abdul Halin. The princess of smiles and weeps. This blog is intended to share the steps taken by the princess from the day she sat head in this world :)... Mmmmm... cuz babies come out head first :) And... hopefully one day, the princess herself might be able to continue this blog once she figures out how to tap the keyboard and get a better Streamyx (or another) connection :) Anywayz, Happy Viewing! - Alfian & Shazwan

March 02, 2006

Anak Apek Manaa La ni

Tadi tangkap gambar Nadiah Farhanah seround.

Hehehe. Sebijikk macam muka amoi.

Ni ha gambar dia :

Nanti kalau sempat, bapak dia load gambar2 pergi Port Dickson.
Gambar pertama Farhanah dalam ayor Lauttt!!!!

February 08, 2006

Farhanah di Kedah Darul Aman

Alhamdulillahi Robbil 'Aalamiin

Farhanah had the opp. to balik Kedah :) Her nenek's (grand ma) home town. There, we stayed at Abang Am's house. Quite nicely renovated. Cantik sungguh :( Very cosy.
But it was kinda ruined a bit by the heat :) Not their fault. Not anybody's fault as a mater of fact :) Just God letting nature take its course.

Anywayz, here are a few pics from the trip. Starting with Farhanah getting cozy with her new car seat :) Brand Anakku ... kot?

Okes. Lepas tu pulak... sampai la Kedahhhh...

And Farhanah coudn't wait to try out Kak Athirah's buai :)

So here it is :) (Sorry blurr dan gelap sikit)

Then, she also went to maka di raja Kedah to see all the rasa raja punya kubuq. Also, she got a glimpse of the great Tunku Abdul Rahman's grave... who was Malaysia's first prime minister. May God Bless His Soul.

Ini gambar2 dia.

Yang lain-lain ni gambar pemandangan di sekitar Tanah Perkuburan Di Raja Langgar, Kedah.

Ok. So at Kedah, that was Farhanah's journey. Went to Penang also, but kamera went out of battery by then :( Sob sob...

Anywayz... Thank you for dropping by.

Assalamualaikum WBT.

January 08, 2006

Alamanda - Cari Kasut

Ok. Today me and my wife decide to buy Farhanah's shoes at Alamanda. Thats the only shopping place that we can think of that has no freakin traffic jam or overcrowding :) Even when its overcrowded the place isn't overcrowded. You know what I mean? :)

Anywayz, before anything can be accomplished, mum and dad has to be made up first....
After countless hours in the dressing room, finishing bottles and bottles of moisturizers, foundations and maskaras, the results are:

Ok.... Malaysia's Next Top Models!!! Here we come!


Ok, anywayz, this is supposed to be about our Farhanah's shoe quest. So, let's get on with that. First things first... Need to dress the little one up first. And... mom delegated the job to daddy :) Let's see how skillful I really am. Heh heh heh...

1. After Bath

2. Pampers On

3. Attempt at Skirt

Ok... Now, something ain't right here. I attempted a skirt here... but it don't seem to work, and the daughter don't seem to agree with me I guess. The face tells it all. Ok la. MAK-NYEEEE????

RESULT (after calling mak nyeee)

But after that, in the car...

Aiyaaa... No pleasing you lah Farhanah!

Anywayz, as usual, other more glittery stuff at Alamanda caught our eyes, first. After buying a pair of baby-stockings (cuz we fergot to bring her socks, so her feet were freezing), NAN-Hypo-Allergenic Milk, On-Offer-Pampers (or were we just suckers for promos?) and ... some other money wastin' stuff... we finally bought the shoes for 27++ (25++ after discount) Ringgit Malaysia. Waaaa, I think my BM2000-Turbo school shoes back in 1986 was a whole lot cheaper meh? Anyway, Farhanah's shoes ended up as the last item on our list. kekekeke. Ampes, Azizi Ali the millionaire will kill me if he finds out. Anywayz...

In between all of that shopping, we went:

1. Jalan-jalan @ Alamanda of course:

2. Testing Farhanah naik Trolley @ "Passenger's Seat"

3. Lunch at RASA FOOD COURT (I think that's what they call the place)

(BIT is supposed to be BUT. TEMBIKI is supposed to be TEMBIKAI... Typo :P)

After All That...

After having our lunch(es?),... where my beautiful wife and I had Chicken and Beef Teppanyaki while Farhanah demolished our dessert, we headed back to Carrefour for some forgotten items. After that, just headed back to Bangi. It was then when we had the real chance to see the spoils of the day... Even though the main thing is tiny, it sure does lit a bright light in our hearts... knowing tha our child now, has a pair of Baby Kiko shoes :)

Thanx for viewing :)

First Post - 8th January 2006

Assalamualaikum and a very good day fellow viewers!

First and foremost, I'd like to stretch my lengthiest gratitude to Allah the All Mighty for letting this blog becoming a reality. Plus! Extra Mextra Dextra thanks to Him also for giving my wife and I the best gift in the whole world. Our cute little sweet princess, Nadiah Farhanah :)

Our still kind'a botak-chin baby girl was born on the 28th of May 2005. It's just 13 days from her mother's own birth day of 15th May. Well, at least that's one less head ache for myself for now I have two important dates rolled up in one month. Heh!
But.. dang, that's double the pressure, since if I forget, I'm in store for one hell of a nag-fiesta!

Anywayz, :) ... Will start to post today :) Our first photographed 'adventure' at Alamanda Putrajaya, the latest shopping haven... an alternative to Mid Valley MegaMall. Easier to reach thru either the Elite (or is it LDP?) hi-way or theu Sg Merab Luar :)

Before we start, let us take a look at the Nadiah Farhanah herself :)
(With her mum and dad also wanting to tumpang sekaki.kueh kueh kueh...)

Nadiah Farhanah bt Alfian